marguerite sargent

WAKE UP 1989!

It is April 19th, 1989 and you are lying in a ditch.
Ten days before the Living Sex Legend, Girl Mad,
Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman told America he WILL marry
19-year-old Mandy Smith— like him? them? TRISHA MEILI doing the wild thing!
When will the wilding stop? You—THE CENTRAL PARK JOGGER—WAKE    UP!
Talk to me! I am not born yet—NOT born until two months after you
WAKE UP! TRISHA MEILI you are the body the capacity of the body
to WAKE UP after blood loss, fracture, skull, eye removed from socket:
PROGNOSIS bad. Do I want to be born into the jungle of Central Park—
the beat of the rape like the excruciating sound of your feet against cement in the
ears of ants! WAKE UP TRISHA MEILI! If you fall asleep forever
how can I be BORN? Yes. How can I be! BORN? into the wilding! And
you THE CENTRAL PARK JOGGER the headline-girl don’t remember?
But we remind you and tell you ten days before Mandy Smith became the 1001st
girl to have sex with the oldie—the 47-year-old oldie—Bill Wyman. MANDY SMITH you
were orphaned at 13 and divorced at 21. TRISHA MEILI how can I be born!

As of 2014: Marguerite Sargent has an MFA in poetry from Chatham University, where she cofounded Lefty Blondie Press, publisher of Jan Beatty’s chapbook Ravage. Her poetry explores the pains and wants of the body in an attempt to know what it means to have a body, to be separate from that body, and to listen to that body. Marguerite’s poetry and reviews have appeared in journals such as The Minor Bird, Mangrove, and The Fourth River. She is currently teaching English and Journalism in Jacksonville, FL.

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