a letter from the editors

From: The Bottom Of Our Hearts

One day, a long, long time ago, Dakota and I stood on the stoop behind his university-owned housing complex trying to think of a name. What no one bothered to tell us was how difficult decision making can be when all options are open. Parts of this magazine have always had a definite shape -- as millennials ourselves, we were inherently selfish in fashioning a paper house for work like ours. Dialogue around our generation has become predictable, and dialogue within our generation poses listlessly with the ironic and the absurd. Except we know what lies beneath an endless stream of animated .gifs (and we’ve argued about the pronunciation of filetype extensions). We know that meaning remains in the invisible leftovers of an acronym, the letters outcast for the sake of compression. Why have we insisted on making everything pocket-sized if not for the sake of the journey? We are pop. We are grit. We kiss boys and girls. We are black and white and purple and pixel. We work two jobs and tweet our jobs. We are angry and we are in love. We want you to hear, not just listen. And we have so much more to say. When we began brainstorming journal titles a little over a year ago, we were really just trying to find a square of fresh concrete for new, eager hands. Three editors, three initials: we couldn’t take KID or DIK seriously (try telling your father you were published in DIK Magazine with a straight face) so what did we have left? IDK. And the less you think you know about us, the better. 

We hope you enjoy reading IDK as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We couldn’t have done this without your excitement and support, and we hope you’ll continue on with us for a while longer. Read, share, comment, and then send us your work. We love you.

Kinsley Stocum, Poetry Editor & Layabout