liam strong

Tin Coin

an erasure of Moo, page 31, by Jane Smiley
Our different desires
                             limitless desire to own
strive for             steak             tomorrow a tomato
next day              Chicken Kiev.             This
                             is what made us interesting.  Goods were
good, quantified, genuine, insatiable.
               Put us into different                 worlds,
balance our atoms         in                       perfect humanness.
    The spirit may be willing, but the flesh
of consumption could
                                        jump from galaxies.
You thought there
was more out there,
                             farther away than anyone
                                        had thought,
the avenue
for getting ahead.


Liam Strong is a bisexual poet from Northern Michigan, where he works as a writing and reading tutor and as the co-editor of NMC Magazine, a community creative arts effort produced by Northwestern Michigan College. You can find his work in the most recent issues of this, as well as Impossible ArchetypePainted CaveDunes Review, and Leaves of Ink.