laura brun

dial now

sexy singles are sexy and they are in
your area, sexy singles are writhing
and dancing, they're tangling singly
to heavy bass in a basement club or
your local bar, sexy singles are out there
waiting, they're moaning for you, 

sexy singles in your area or out
of your area, around your area, whether you
want them in or near or all about your area, 
that's where they are or they're ready
to inhabit whichever area you need them to 

and they're single and they're sexy or they're
almost-sexy, near-enough to sexy or they're not
everyone else's idea of sexy but maybe they're
your idea of sexy or haven't been considered
sexy before which is its own kind of sexy, isn’t it, 
having not been sexy in the past, but they're 

single, yes they're sexily single, or maybe not
quite single but available, on the market, or
not exactly on the market but ready, looking
for you, willing, which is pretty much
what single is, they're singular sexy singles 

and they're there, they're here, they're wherever
and whatever you need if you can reach out, 
if you can dial now or log in or sign up and all
we need from you is to know what you want. sexy
singles in your area are waiting for you, they're
waiting for you. just tell them what it is
you want. what do you want. whatever
you want, sexy singles want
to give it to you.


Laura Brun is a poet from small-town Kentucky who lives and writes in Pittsburgh. She works at the Carnegie Museums and her first chapbook, It’s Alright to Be Seen, is out now from Dancing Girl Press. Her other work is found or forthcoming in Lambda Literary’s Poetry SpotlightJellyfish Magazine, Selfish, and others. You can find more about her at her website or follow her on Instagram at laurabrrrrun.