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Issue #4—Jennifer Garner Becomes my Mother; Roses

Write yourself a horoscope for 2019

You will be faced with lots of social hardships—your best friend transferring to another university, your closer friends graduating, your awkward shyness holding you back from opportunities—OR you will take each challenge in stride. When your best friend movies in 2019, you will make an even better best friend. When your older friends graduate, you will practice the wisdom they left you to make more friends, and you will work on breaking through your shell.

Name a writer you discovered in the past 12 months that you think others should know about

Isabel Allende is one of those writers whose work will always be timeless. The writer, cousin of the former President Allende of Chile, always invokes in her readers a love for Chile, even if you've never been there before. Her most famous book is House of Spirits, but my personal favorite is Maya's Notebook. (If you speak Spanish, I highly recommend reading them in Spanish, although the translated versions are great too!)

Name a book you read in the past 12 months that surprised you

I am *still* reading Donna Tartt's novel, The Goldfinch (2 years later). What surprises me about this piece is that no matter how endless the pages are, I never get tired or bored of reading it.


If your life philosophy were a slogan for a restaurant, what would it be? (You don't need to use an existing restaurant's slogan for this)

if you want it, go get it. a vegan buffet.

What creative outlet is your "if-I-weren't-a-writer (or visual artist)" pipe dream?

I'm actually not a writer at all; it's just something I did at a fine arts high school. I'm going into my sophomore year of college with plans to be an interpreter. If I weren't doing that, however, I'd be a circus performer—an aerialist.

What is a piece or project you're working on now, that will be released soon, or that was recently released that you'd like to share with our readers?