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Issue #4—[Because country and cinema lifted]; [Child ten-sided die and a dream,]

Write yourself a horoscope for 2019

2019 is the year you will stop writing poems about writing poems when you’re trying not to write about poems. Because inside of you is a smaller truth and she spins, and she is apex. If you could put your finger to this, all papers will fold. Bad Scorpio, you know how to end things knowing the cruelest truth: that no one wants to father this, and no one wants to father you. This is yet another year where they enter your porch with those offerings. But this time you also have knives between your flowers. Leave through the back door. Step through the grass and in each imprint of each sole will be a small green flame.

Name a writer you discovered in the past 12 months that you think others should know about

Samantha Irby (Read We Are Never Meeting In Real Life!)

Name a book you read in the past 12 months that surprised you

Right now, I'm reading Some Say The Lark by Jennifer Chang, and it's really exciting me.


If your life philosophy were a slogan for a restaurant, what would it be? (You don't need to use an existing restaurant's slogan for this)

Everyone deserves to thrive and not just survive, including you, plus here are some delicious curly fries.

What creative outlet is your "if-I-weren't-a-writer (or visual artist)" pipe dream?

Collagist, visual artist.

What is a piece or project you're working on now, that will be released soon, or that was recently released that you'd like to share with our readers?

My first full-length poetry collection A House Made of Water debuted last year, and is an examination of generational trauma, gender violence, and survival. I also recently became a curator for Kearny Street Workshop's reading series "KSW Presents." If you're based in the Bay Area or are near, please check out our rad programming!

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