Gregory Kimbrell, 2018, Photo by Ashley Grantham - Gregory Kimbrell.png


Issue #5—The Scraps That Choke the Cutter

What's something you want to create in 2019?

More collages of anthropomorphic animal-people

Name a writer you discovered in the past 12 months that you think others should know about

Armand Schwerner

Name a book you read in the past 12 months that surprised you

Absolutely on Music: Conversations with Seiji Ozawa, by Haruki Murakami

If your approach to writing were a car company slogan, what would it be?

Put a tiger in your tank

What are your sun, moon, and rising signs?

Sun: Leo; Moon: Cancer; Ascendant: Virgo

What is a piece or project you're working on now, that will be released soon, or that was recently released that you'd like to share with our readers?

My second magnetic non-collaborative renku, "Incan Drone Theory," currently nearing the end of its serialization on Instagram