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Issue #4—in which la llorona is not looking for her children after all; post-election, cactus greenhouse; solstice poem: somerville, massachusetts

Write yourself a horoscope for 2019

You'll make the same mistakes in different dresses.

Name a writer you discovered in the past 12 months that you think others should know about

Leonora Carrington

Name a book you read in the past 12 months that surprised you

The final Princess Diaries book (Royal Wedding)


If your life philosophy were a slogan for a restaurant, what would it be? (You don't need to use an existing restaurant's slogan for this)

Whatever Chili's slogan is. I trust them.

What creative outlet is your "if-I-weren't-a-writer (or visual artist)" pipe dream?

Does being a stunt driver count as a creative outlet?

What is a piece or project you're working on now, that will be released soon, or that was recently released that you'd like to share with our readers?

I have a fiction chapbook that just came out on Reality Hands.