IDK Magazine now accepts submissions via Submittable.

IDK Magazine wonders what it means to be a writer in today's America. Since our inaugural issue in 2014, we've had a focus on publishing emerging and Millennial writers — but we know that the breadth of writers responding to contemporary issues expands far past any one generation. IDK Magazine publishes twice annually, once in the summer and once in the winter. I guess you could say we're getting the hang of this.

Moving forward, IDK will accept submissions of poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, hybrid work, and art from writers of all ages and identities. Our goal is to create as inclusive a conversational space as possible, so we'd like to be clear: LGBTQIA+ writers, writers of color, women writers, writers of different abilities, refugee and undocumented writers, and writers old and young, your work is welcome here. Queer stereotypes. Sing us a song in your mother-tongue. Tell us about your version of today. When we all tell our stories, the truth can't be denied.

Some other notes:

  • Please only submit up to the maximum numbers of pieces for one genre. Also, please only submit once during each reading period.

  • IDK Magazine accepts simultaneous submissions. Please include that information in your cover letter and notify us as soon as possible if a piece is accepted elsewhere.

  • We do not accept previously published pieces. (This includes work posted on a personal blog.) Excerpts of longer works-to-be-published will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

  • IDK reserves first-publication rights for all accepted pieces, as well as the right to archive and use excerpts of published work on our website and in promotional materials. Once a piece is published with IDK, the author retains subsequent publication rights for reposts or reprints.

As writers who submit work ourselves, we know how it feels to wait for an editor’s response. The IDK staff pledges to do its best to respond to all submissions within three months’ time (or three weeks' time for Tip Jar submissions — these help us defray website and Submittable fees, and will eventually help cover printing costs for chapbooks and allow us to pay our writers and artists). If you have not received a response by three months from your submission date, feel free to follow up with us via e-mail:


We’re seeking submissions of all kinds of poetry—lyrical, prose, narrative, meditative, formal, free verse, and anything in between. Poets may submit up to 5 poems per submission. 

Tip Jar Submissions

We know what it's like to want feedback on your work — whether positive or negative — and what it's like to wait all year to hear back from a journal about your submission. While we commit as much as we can to respond to general submissions within three months of our receiving them, tip jar submitters will get a response to their submission within three weeks of their submission date. We'll also include at least 300 words of feedback on your submission.

Please note this category is only open to submissions of poetry, creative nonfiction, or fiction. Follow the genre guidelines as mentioned in the above categories when submitting work.

Hybrid Works

This one's for the multimedia folks, the dramaturgs, the videographers and animators and voice-over artists. This one's for the poem that wants to be a collage and the series of photographs that wants to be an essay. We won't ask you to stay within any particular constraints for this category, and we look forward to the challenge of finding the best ways to feature hybrid work on our website. We include graphic narratives & photo essays in the Hybrid Works category.


Please note in your submission name, cover letter, or somewhere in your document whether your prose submission is fiction or creative nonfiction. Depending on which genre you write in, follow the guidelines below:

  • Fiction: We’re looking for all aesthetics, styles, and subjects, as long as the story adheres to the magazine’s mission. Fiction writers may submit one short story (up to 2,500 words) or up to three flash pieces (750 words or less) per submission.

  • Creative nonfiction: We’re open to many forms of CNF, from personal essays to lyric essays to literary journalism, though we prefer that more journalistic pieces be written through a personal lens. Feel free to break the rules and create new, surprising forms. We’ll consider full-length pieces (one per submission, up to 2,500 words) or flash (up to 3 per submission at 750 words or less.)


IDK has worked closely with a different artist for each issues 1-3 to shape the magazine's visual aesthetic. As of IDK Issue 4, we've changed gears & have opened our art acceptances to the public as well. We like fresh // fun // poignant // serious work in a multitude of different mediums. Don't limit yourself based on what you think we want (we want YOU, special snowflake!). Submit up to 5 pieces. High-quality pieces/scans are preferred.