Managing Editor

Dakota R. Garilli is queer. They're also a fan of reality TV, thirst following, eating their feelings, and pop divas of the past and present. Dakota has taught creative writing in the greater Pittsburgh area, including at the Environmental Charter School and Allegheny County Jail. They are currently pursuing a master's in social work and teaching certification. Dakota's chapbook, Call It Something Different, was a finalist for the Robin Becker Prize and published by Seven Kitchens Press in 2016. They aspire to start their own arts and wellness center one day, or maybe serve as Secretary of Education. 

Contact: You can find Mx. Garilli on twitter @dakoter818, and their work in Pretty Owl PoetryCoal Hill ReviewFodor's Online and elsewhere.

Co-editor, Webmistress, Design & Layout

Kinsley Stocum enjoys eating soup, cutting her own bangs, publication layout and designing book covers (including for Dakota's chapbook). She is desperately trying to catch up on some recreational reading. Kinsley’s poetry and photography has appeared in The Moon City Review, Elder Mountain, Weave Magazine, Out of Sequence: the Sonnets Remixed, and Goddessmode: A Collection of Videogame Writing by Women and Non-Binary Artists. 

Contact: Kinsley can be found on twitter @kinsley17, on instagram @kinsleygraceface, and around Pittsburgh if you're really lucky. 

E. H. Thatcher
Assistant to the Regional Co-editor


E.H. Thatcher received his MFA from Chatham University. His work has recently appeared in Heron Tree, Weatherbeaten, Soul-Lit and Up North Lit. Currently, he’s working on three or four different poetry projects that are supposedly going somewhere. You can keep an eye on his work at: https://ehthatcher.wordpress.com/

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